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405 Huntwood Rd.
Swansea, IL 62226


Visitor Information

Are non-Orthodox visitors welcome? 

Yes! While you may not yet be Orthodox, you may be surprised to learn that many of our members are converts to the Holy Orthodox faith, coming from a variety of other Christian confessions: Evangelical, Reformed, Lutheran, and Roman Catholic. Others have come from eastern religions or other traditions and systems of thought. You will find a diversity of races, age groups and ethnic groups represented at our parish.

Our parish priest will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have following your visit. No question is dumb or irrelevant.

Following the Sunday Divine Liturgy, you are invited to join us for “coffee hour.” During this time of fellowship you may wish to meet our parish Priest or other members of our parish. Some people may feel overwhelmed following their first experience of Orthodox worship and not wish to socialize — you are not expected to engage in social activities, but warmly welcome.


The services in our Parish are primarily celebrated in English, though you will hear ancient Greek in some of the hymns and readings. When we recite the Our Father, you will hear many languages representing our ethnically diverse congregation.

How long are the services?

Great Vespers (Evening prayers - Saturday nights at 5:00 P.M.) are usually 40-60 minutes in length. Matins (Morning prayers - Sunday mornings at 8:45 A.M., preceding Divine Liturgy) is a little over an hour in length. Divine Liturgy (Sunday – following Matins, at approximately 10 am ) is about 1 1/2 hours in length.